Procyon’s electric Radial Tap offers exceptional precision, quality, durability and functionality you demand from any machine in your shop. Yet this proven and easy to use machine from the industry’s pioneer is available for just a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

  • Precision Operation

    Precision Operation

  • Full Articulation

    Full Articulation

  • Stable Bench Mount

    Stable Bench Mount

  • Auto Reverse

    Auto Reverse

  • Operator Friendly

    Operator Friendly

  • Exceptional Performance

    Exceptional Performance


RT3 is the larger version of RT2. Both models are full-featured providing horizontal and vertical tapping precision, variable speed control, automatic or manual reverse, an auto-lubrication option, and operate on 230 volt single phase power (a transformer is available to operate on 115 volts).

The RT3 is ideal for larger machining projects and demands. It offers a tap capacity up to 1 1/4″ while employing a Bilz Size 2 industry standard tap holder. It has all of the power, precision and control you’ll ever need.

  • Radial Tap 3: Full Articulation

    Full Articulation

  • Radial Tap 3: Vertical and Horizontal Tapping

    Vertical and Horizontal Operation

  • Radial Tap 3: Table Bench Mount

    Stable Bench Mount

You can purchase your own Radial Tap here.