Procyon Announces New Electric Radial Tap

PROCYON MACHINE Announces the Introduction of an Electric Tapping Machine, Radial Tap, to the US Manufacturing Market

Ridgeland, SC, USA, May 12, 2021 — Don Thomas, the founder of Procyon Articulating Arm Tapping Machine, the Squaretap, and a Diamond commentator for, has introduced an electric tapping machine that is worth the attention of all machine shops in the United States. The Procyon Radial Tap offers a small and light motor that combines tremendous torque with programmable tap speed variation and automatic reverse.

“I sold the Squaretap product line in 2000 as I was growing tired of pneumatic motor issues (we used both Aro and Sioux motors). I always wanted to go electric but could never find an electric motor that was small and light enough with similar torque to pneumatic solutions,” said Mr. Thomas.

But the wait is now over.

Procyon’s Radial Tap can tap up to 1 1/4″, is a 220 V single phase (a transformer for 115 volts input is available), and uses Bilz size one industry standard tap holder. It also offers speed control variation with manual and automatic reverse, provides both vertical and horizontal orientation, and a standard reach of 50″. It also offers semi-auto tool lubrication, all at a price of $2,950.00 or $3,850.00.

Procyon’s Radial Tap is can now be ordered on with 14 business day delivery — and free shipping within US for limited time only.

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